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Go Solo

New Home = $400,000
$ 0
  • You get $0
  • Builder keeps full 3%
  • No Representation
  • Work with site agent
  • no transaction fee

Traditional Realty

New Home = $400,000
$ 0
  • You get $0
  • Broker keeps full 3%
  • Agent Representation
  • Still Work with site agent
  • Up to $500 transaction fee

New Home = $400,000
$ 10,000
  • You get $10,000
  • Broker only keeps 0.5%
  • Agent Representation
  • Still Work with site agent
  • No transaction fee
Cash Back

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no catch. It is a win-win! You save thousands on your new home and we get to work with a customer who would have bought a new home without us.
New Home Rebates are not very common, so not many people are aware of them. New Home Rebates are very similar to cashback reward credit cards. When you use a cash back credit card to make a purchase, you get a cash back credit on your billing statement. When you use a rebate realty to buy a new home, you get a cash back credit on the settlement statement at closing. A New Home Rebate is also similar to a rebate on a new car, cell phone, etc., but on a much larger scale.
We consider any home that is sold by a builder to be a New Home, including homes built from the ground up, Quick Move-In Homes, and the Builder’s Model Home.
Yes, Quick Move-In homes (aka Move-In Ready, “spec”, inventory homes) are considered new construction homes and are eligible.
Yes, when a community is almost built-out and is nearing completion, the Builder will sell their model home. The model home usually will carry the same Builder’s warranty as any other home they sell and the Builder will usually correct any issues with the home before you close on it. Model homes are also eligible for our rebate.
No, unlike other rebate real estate companies who require a minimum purchase price or use a sliding scale to issue a lower percentage cashback rebate for lower-priced homes, your full 2.5% new home cashback rebate is paid to you on a home for any price, provided that at least 3% commission is paid by the Builder (Seller).
Unlike many real estate companies, who charge a transaction fee up to $500, we do not charge a transaction fee.
On a typical transaction, we are paid 3% and we give you a 2.5% rebate. The rebate on a home purchased for $400,000 would usually be $10,000 ($400,000 x 2.5% = $10,000).
When you buy a new home with us, we give 2.5% of our 3% commission back to you. The commission is paid to us by the Builder (Seller). The commission is typically paid on the total purchase price (which is calculated on the base price plus lot price and any upgrades minus any builder incentives). For example, a new home with a Base Price of $350,000, a Lot Price of $15,000, Upgrades of $45,000, and Builder Incentives (Discounts) of $10,000 would equal a total purchase price of $400,000. In this example, your 2.5% rebate would be $10,000.
Your closing costs will show up as a “credit to buyer from agent” on your closing documents. That way you receive your rebate at settlement.
Because many builders offer incentives to pay some or all of your closing costs when you use their preferred lender, we may not be able to have the full amount of your 2.5% cash back rebate applied towards closing costs/pre-paids. If there is any remaining balance we owe you from your 2.5% rebate, we can ask the lender to use it for an interest rate buy-down, to lower your monthly payment.

Rebates ARE LEGAL in the states we do business in and are even encouraged by the United States Department of Justice. DOJ – Rebates Make Buying a Home Less Expensive However, there is a lot of misinformation regarding home rebates because rebates are illegal in 9 states: Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Tennessee. The reality is that most real estate companies do not offer rebates because it is not part of their business model and some companies do not allow their agents to offer rebates because it is against their company policy. Because of this, there is a common misconception that rebates in general are not allowed or are illegal. Plus, in the competitive world of real estate, many agents may not want you to know that you can get thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for free when you use their competition.

The 41 states that allow rebates are Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin & Wyoming.
It depends on the builders registration policy. Most agent registrations only last 30 days. If you are still within that window, we are unable to represent you. If you are outside that window, then most likely the answer is yes. However, if you signed an Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement or any other Broker-Buyer agreement with another real estate agent, we cannot represent you or issue you a cash back rebate unless you first cancel that agreement.
The Builder (Seller) pays our fee, so using our program will not cost you anything. In a typical transaction, the Builder pays a 3% agent commission. In that scenario, your rebate is 2.5% and we keep .5% for our role in the transactions. However, if the commission offered by Builder is less than 3%, your rebate will be adjusted accordingly as our fee for service is always .5% of the sale price. If you don’t know what agent commission is being offered, simply ask your new home sales manager prior to writing a contract.

Most builders pay a 3% agent commission that is built into the price of the home.

Our services are free – there is no charge to you. We are paid by the Builder (Seller). Builders pay real estate agents from a separate fund (usually their marketing budget). Most builders pay a 3% agent commission that is built into the price of the home. The builders own company policy requires the price of the home to be the same whether you have an agent or not. The builder does NOT lower the price if you buy without an agent. Our program simply unlocks this 3% commission and we rebate you 2.5%.

It depends on how far along in the sales process you are with the Builder. A good way to find out is simply ask the sales rep you are working with if it’s not too late for us to be registered as your agent.
No. Your rebate comes from us, the real estate broker, after it is deducted from the commission paid by the Builder (Seller). However, there are government programs that provide grants and down payment assistance that you may also be eligible for. The difference between our rebate and government programs is that government programs usually are only available to first-time home buyers or certain income-level buyers. Our rebate does not have these restrictions. Anyone is eligible to receive the rebate provided they comply with the terms and conditions of our agreement and state law.

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